We need a recovery that works for everyone and a plan for an equitable recovery.

The pandemic starkly showed just how badly our support systems work for people who face marginalization due to poverty, oppression and inequality. It is time we fixed our safety net to guarantee quality living conditions for all communities. COVID-19 has proven that governments can act swiftly to change policies and create programs.

Government policy is making us increasingly vulnerable to the pandemic, but repeated calls for change seem to go totally unheard at Queen’s Park, organizers say. While the government is holding back funds to fight a future deficit, the lack of focus on critical issues like housing and paid sick days are pushing the province into a third wave, and raising concerns in communities in every corner of the Province.

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Basic Income Waterloo Region

Basic Income Waterloo Region is a group of community members who are passionate about improving Canada’s social safety net, eliminating poverty and responding to the rise of automation in the workforce. We are committed to seeing a basic income implemented to solve the socio-economic problems affecting communities across Canada. We’re not aligned with any political party, because support for basic income extends across Canada’s political spectrum. We promote research, base our arguments on evidence and collaborate with partners throughout Waterloo Region and across the country to make basic income Canada’s next great social program.

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