The Exposure Project is an initiative that aims to create an online and community platform where individuals with lived experiences of poverty and homelessness are provided the space to share their stories.

The objective is to highlight the voices of individuals with lived experience, raise awareness of the realities that low-income individuals experience, and help break the stigma associated with poverty and homelessness.

Our intention is to work in collaboration with individuals and create meaningful relationships. Through storytelling photography, our hope is to inspire more empathy and understanding for individuals with lived experience and inspire the wider community to strive for change.


  • “Expose” the stories of individuals with lived experience
  • “Expose” the barriers and obstacles that individuals with lived experience face in society
  • “Expose” the reality of poverty and homelessness
  • “Expose” the ways our community can show empathy and create change


Our mission is to break the stigma of poverty and homelessness through storytelling photography. In collaboration with members of the community, we aim to address ways we can improve the lives of individuals and families experiencing poverty and homelessness.


  • The voices and stories of those with lived experience
  • Creating relationships through dialogue and conversation
  • Community engagement and stakeholder participation
  • Compassion, empowerment, and change

If you have lived experience and would like to participate:

  • Please reach out and let’s have a conversation!
  • We would love to chat with you and feature your story.
  • We want to give you a chance to talk about what is important to you and what you feel is needed for change in this society.
  • You have control and ownership of your story.
  • We will only feature you in a way that you wish to be presented.
  • We want to collaborate with you and give you a platform to share your story with the community.

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